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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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June 29th, resumed the third volume of my Anecdotes of Painting, which I had laid aside after the first day.
July 16th, wrote The G-arlmd, a poem on the King, and sent it to Lady Bute, but not in my own hand, nor with my name, nor did ever own it.
Aug. 22nd, finished the third volume of my Anecdotes of Painting.
Dec. 20th, wrote a few lines to Lady Mary Coke, on her having St. Anthony's fire in her cheek.
Dec. 23rd, wrote a portrait of Lord Granville, in verse, to serve as an epitaph for him.
March 24th. I was chosen a Member of the Society of Arts and Sciences.
June 12th. I was attacked in a new weekly paper, No. 2, called the North Briton, and accused of having flattered the Scotch in my Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors. I made • no answer to it. I could not have been charged with anything of which I am less guilty than flattery. The passage was written and published five years before this period, and in the reign of the late King, when partiality to Scotland was no merit at court; and so little was it calculated to make a friend of Lord Bute, that, having had occasion to write two or three letters to him, I constantly disclaimed any desire or intention of having a place. I have copies of these letters, and of others to the Duke of Newcastle and Mr. Pitt, equally, and as fully disinterested. Before this accusation was made Lord Bute had had two levees ; I was at neither, nor ever was at the levee of any minister, but my father, and once at the Duke of Newcastle's, while my father was in power. I believe the author of the North Briton will ask for and have a place before I shall.
Aug. 2nd, began the Catalogue of Engravers.
October 10th, finished it.
I had been told that Bishop Warburton resented something